Scales of War

The Adventure Thus Far

Session 1
p. It was just a quiet evening in the Antler and Thistle in Brindol. Suddenly that evening was interrupted with the door being kicked in and hobgoblins pouring into the tavern. Several patrons died in the initial rush of hobgoblins. The assault was repelled by adventures who just happened to be stopping in for an evening meal and drink.

Session 2
p. After exiting the bar and helping the arriving fire brigade to put out the fire. An ogre hitched to a cart containing two hobgoblins came around a corner on the street to the north. The ogre was chucking explosive barrels at the party. The PCs managed to take down the ogre and its comrades without too much difficulty.
The next day they were summoned to meet Councilmember Troyas. Troyas, requested their help in recovering captured citizens and valuable antiques that were stolen from the Hall of Valor. They accepted the offer of work with no regard for what they could get out of the situation.
After, interrogating a lone hobgoblin that was captured during the raid. The adventures gain knowledge as to where and what was behind the attack the previous night. It was easy for the group to pick up the trail of the retreating army, but lost there way for a short while, before picking the trail back up. Unfortunately, they ran into a hunting party of Kruthik.
They battle was long and difficult bordering on the death of several of the brave adventures. The groups team work finally came together and they were able to survive the fight without any deaths.
Licking their wounds and night falling upon them they decided to make camp.

Season 3
p. The heroes and heroine have reached the Castle of Rivenroar. Not much remained of the castle, but a well traveled path lead to the entrance of the catacombs below the rubble.
Descending into the darkness and unknown they began their mission: rescue the citizens of Brindol and recover the missing artifacts. They managed to clear a small wing of the catacombs discovering Adronsius the alchemist.
The left wing of the catacomb is seeming to be more difficult than the right. Aulrok managed to keep the group from a trap, but chased a gnome into another. Now, they are confronted with Ettercaps at the edge of their lair. Will these brave heroes and heroine be able to survive?



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