Scales of War

The Overrun Monastery

The adventures set forth from Brindol heading along Dwarfroad to reach the city of Overlook. Most of their journey is uneventful. Coming to the edge of The Westdeep, a large forest dominated by elves, they were attacked by a group of orcs. The four orcs were no match for these seasoned warriors and quickly without mercy were dispatched. While going over the remains another party of travelers came upon the heroes. They called themselves The Freeriders. The two groups decided to continue the rest of the trip to Overlook together. On the way they spoke of great oddities in the nature of the cosmos. Not to mention Rachel decided on a name for their adventuring party, Jethawks.

Once arriving in the city, the two parties part ways, and the Jethawks decide to seek out some food from a local establishment. They find a dinner that caters to Aulrok’s favorite food, sandviches. The food was to everyone’s liking, and after, eating the group hit the streets again. Not very far from the dinner, they spot a group of ruffians killing a few humanoids. Being the do gooders they are they attempt to stop the ruffians. Little did they that the ruffians were after them too! It was a grueling fight, but in the end the heroes prevailed, to learn of the plot to kill them and their new found friends.

After a brief interaction with some law enforcement in the area they are lead into High Hall, the heart of Overlook. There they met up with their friends again, as they waited for a meeting with the Elders of Overlook to begin. Rachel informed The Freeriders of the impending danger, and Ghena seemed to shrug off the danger as nothing to worry about. Megan, however, thanked Rachel for the information saying that they would keep an eye out for any attempt on their lives.

The meeting convened, and the reason for the call to arms was officially given. A large orc army of never before seen proportions were marching on the gates of Bordrin’s Watch. There was one mission that has not yet been taken, a mission to report the impending danger to a monastery of priests located some distance from the city. Aulrok, volunteered without hesitation, and the others followed suit.

Upon reaching the monastery, The Monastery of the Sundered Chain, the party found the monastery to be overrun by orcs! Battling through the hordes they managed to make it through the courtyard and into monastery itself. Inside they found more orcs and the bodies of dead dwarves strewn about the floor. Another battle ensued, leaving the party once again victorious.

An observant Cael noticed that altar to Moradin, hid a staircase leading to a lower level of the monastery. What awaits the heroes as they descend down into the depths of the monastery?



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