Dragonborn are a proud race having no cities of their own. Many reside in Overlook and Dennovar, though they can be found in other smaller towns and hamlets. They are typically soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers.

Elves make their homes in The Westdeep—a dense forest growing in the narrow depression between the Stonehome and Wyrmsmoke Mountains. They are typically a xenophobic and do not take kindly to trespassers. Some elves however have cast off that stigma deciding to live outside of The Westdeep.

Eladrin are sometimes seen out in the vale, though many do not leave their feywild home, Astrazalian.

Dwarves are the staunch defenders in the west of the vale, protecting the region from orc incursions.

Halflings and Tieflings are few in number and reside in any major town in the vale.

Goliaths are rarely seen outside their home in The Giant’s Shield. They view life as a great competition and have never been involved in the politics of the vale. Even during the invasion of the Red Hand. Occasionally, however, a black sheep among them leaves the protection of the mountains and venture out into the vale.

There are also less familiar races in the vale.

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