A Goliath seeking to prove his will in battle.

STR: 18 +4 HP: 54
DEX: 11 +0 AC: 19/21
CON: 18 +4 Fort: 16
INT: 8 -1 Ref: 11/13
WIS: 13 +1 Will: 14
CHA: 10 +0

Experience: 2748/3750 xp

Class: Warden

Primary Gear: Halberd, Longsword, Heavy Shield, Life Vine Hide Armor

Font of Life ,Nature’s Wrath, Warden’s Fury, Warden’s Grasp

Guardian Might: Earthstrength

Background: Haunted Veteran

Daily: Form of the Fearsome Ram
Encounter: Thunder Ram Assault, Earthgrasp Strike
At-Will: Strength of Stone, Earth Shield Strike
Utility: Triumphant Vigor

Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Nature, Perception

Feats: Toughness, Greatspear Proficiency

It has been said, that I was born from the rocks, my parents were the mountains and sky. When I was older, a village mother told me, that I had been found on a mountain pass, and was fortunate to be alive. The rocks had protected me, she said. They had been my shelter, and as a hunting party passed by, the rocks echoed my cries all the way to them. My people have always been connected to the mountains, indeed we stand tall before everyone around us, just like the mountains that bore us. I was raised by the tribe on the Endless Plains. We are a nomadic people, and we traveled the plains, just as our prey did. Life was not easy, but it was not a hardship. It was often an exciting prospect for a young man like myself. I rarely saw peoples not of my own kind, Dwarves being the most common outsiders I would come across.

Dwarves had once been part of a great kingdom in this region, but that was no more. Now Dwarves were more likely to be seen in a caravan, and so it was that I met them. My interest in another culture, especially one which revered the very earth that I came from, was very high. And so it was that I began working closely with the merchants of the tribe. Throughout many trading ventures, I learned the language of the Dwarves. I learned also that they are a potent warrior culture, like our own. They believe in the strength of their people, and in defending good. Tales were told of great Dwarven Defenders holding the lines of battle for the sake of their comrades. They all achieved great glory, even those that did not live to the end of the battle.

I began to practice the military arts, but my connection to the earth was strong. It became part of my training, and it seemed that the great primal spirit of nature agreed. I could feel the very earth lending to me its strength. I became a warden of my people, I would protect them, or die trying, so I thought. It was with great enthusiasm that I took on the task of accompanying the merchants on a trip to the city of Brindol. It would give me a chance to see more of the world, and perhaps, a chance at battle, as the roads were at times dangerous, especially those less traveled.

And so it happened, that as the caravan made its way through one of the many passes in the Giant’s Shield mountains, someone let out a cry, there was an attack. Crossbow bolts filled the air as I charged in to battle. I had never been in a battle such as this before, the enemy was all over, many of them hidden. They were hiding in the rocks, the rocks with which I am one…and so I rooted them out. Though I was wounded in the battle, it was not enough to stop me, and upon them I leapt, from rock to rock, and before long they had all fallen. When the chaos of battle came to an end, I looked around, and realized that I had lost sight of the caravan. I moved quickly, searching the pass, until I came across the caravan. I was about to shout out to them but an eerie silence struck me immediately.

I surveyed the scene, and counted the bodies. Everyone, except myself, had died in the pass. I howled and roared, and it echoed through the mountains. I hoped that some of the foes yet lived and would come to finish their work, but it was not so. I must die this day, I told myself, I cannot return home like this. I built a funeral pyre out of the caravan cart, and when I was finished I committed the ashes of my comrades to the earth. I would let nature decide the fate of my foes’ remains, and so I wandered the mountains.

Life in the mountains was quite difficult, but I survived. I stayed far from the pass where the battle had taken place, to avoid my former tribe, and possibly to avoid my memories. My spirit within did not wish to see me waste away as a hermit however. I felt the need to move on, I would not let myself be held back by previous failures. It was far too late to return to my people, better they think I’m dead than to know this story of failure and despair. I will move and, I will find something or someone new to protect. This time, I will not fail while I still draw breath. Never again will I lose focus, or stray far from my comrades, whoever they may be.

I made my way out of the mountains, towards the town of Brindol. I hoped that the opportunities I sought would be found there. Brindol was a much larger place than I had been to in my life. There were people everywhere, from all races, and I did not fit in well. I wandered the streets, looking for purpose, looking for work, but it was rough going. For the first time in my life I realized with certainty, that the rocks of the mountains were far safer and more comfortable than this city full of the comforts of civilization. I found myself one day, tired and lost, in a tavern. I had passed by the tavern when my ears heard a sound that brought back memories from afar. It sounded like the music of my people, and I could not help but reminisce. I entered the tavern, ordered a drink as best as I could, and sat down to enjoy the show. On stage was a young half-elf woman, and it was clear to me that her heart was committed to her music.

As I looked around, it saddened me that the other patrons seemed more focused on their daily affairs, or the drinks in front of them. I listened intently and watched her graceful movements as she preformed. Although she was not of the rocks as I was, it was clear to me that nature had blessed her in other ways. She was born of the air, a free spirit, someone who has traveled the world carrying the sounds of life on the winds.

After the latest song ended, I decided I had better be on my way. It was nice to hear such music, but getting too homesick could be dangerous, or so I thought. I was still a little unsure on how money worked exactly. Everything at home had been through barter, even the merchants rarely dealt with money. Although I still had not found work, I thought it might be safe to spend more just to avoid getting the price wrong, and place on the counter a few of my best looking coins. I had seen other people paying with coins, and usually not many were put down, so I felt like this should be enough. The barkeep however, felt differently, and began telling me I didn’t have enough money. I was confused, to be sure, and explained that I had put down more coins than those around me. To which he began to yell about gold pieces, silver pieces, and where in the nine hells could I have come from to not understand all of this. And he insisted that despite that, I did not have enough, and if I did not want to spend time in the jail overnight, I would have to pay.

I did not want to spend any time in jail, and I was quite nervous at this point, as I did not feel smashing his face in was a very appropriate response in this society, nor challenging him in any way. My urge to do so was rising nearly as fast as his own temper. Out the corner of my eye, I caught movement, and I saw the black hair….the half-elf from the stage made her way to the bar. It was then I realized I had disturbed her performance perhaps, and was going to apologize to them both when she placed a coin on the counter, different from mine, and asked the barkeep, “That is sufficient for this gentleman here, don’t you think?” before sitting down next to me. The barkeep grumbled and collected the coins, “Better watch out with this fella ma’am, he’s some kind of idiot.” he said plainly as he turned to other patrons.

The woman gave me a little nudge as I still seemed troubled from the incident, “Don’t pay that guy any mind, really he’s seen just about everything here, so I’m kind of surprised he would act like that. We all know who the idiot is after all.” and she threw the barkeep an innocent look. She then started up some conversation, “So It looked like you were enjoying the music, at least somebody was.”

I finally focused on the woman, “I..uhh, well I should pay you back for this, I’m sorry to have caused such…” she stopped me before I finished, “Don’t think anything of it, you enjoyed my show and that is plenty of payment already.” She paused for a bit. “New in town huh? Well I come here pretty often for shows and such, if you want to catch me again some time, looked like you were heading out, so I don’t want to keep you.” She hopped out of the seat and headed back towards the stage area.

“Sure….. thanks again.” was all I managed to get out before she disappeared backstage. I sighed, and made my way outside. Life in the tribe was so much simpler. Truth be told, I didn’t really have anywhere to be, or go, and I wandered around a bit. I was passing one of the alleys on the backside of the tavern when I heard a commotion. I moved in that direction, listening in as best as I could.

I heard several men, one of them was talking, “Looks like we’ve finally cornered you. You might as well give up, if not something bad will probably happen. You’re kind of a liability at the moment.” and a few moments later I heard the reply in a familiar voice… “Gentlemen, I think you’ve got the wrong person, and I am not the kind of person you want to take lightly, I assure you.” It was the voice of the half-elf from the tavern. “Oh stuff it will ya? We all know who you are, so let’s get this over with, I really don’t think you stand much chance against all of us, but if you won’t go quietly…” while the talking was going on, I had managed to find a wall and part of a building on the other side of the alley…and jumped up to the wall, and then leaped in to the alley, landing before the man could finish his sentence. I had drawn my weapon before I hit the ground, and readied for combat.

The battle was joined, and the attackers did have decent numbers, and dirty tactics. Surely we would have both perished, but it seems that this women was also capable on the field of battle, her musical talents also gave her some strange power over the enemy, as well as some potent effects within myself. We managed to vanquish our foes, but before I could say anything she dragged me quickly out of the alley. We were soon in a much quieter part of town.

“Thanks for the hand back there, but, I don’t know if you should have gotten involved, it could be dangerous for you.” she said to me. I laughed a little bit, “I’m essentially dead, in a manner of speaking. If anything, something like this might bring me back to life. I feel like you are a good person, your music alone can tell me that. From what you say, it sounds like there will be more trouble, a lot of people are after you? Very well then. I have no home anymore, and I have nothing here in this town.” I paused, then looked at her curiously. “I don’t think I know your name, after all of this…” she interrupted me, “It’s Rachel” she paused for a moment so I continued without hesitation, not knowing if she was going to say anything further, “Then I, Aulrok, shall protect you from these dangers, those who are after you, until you are safe or until I no longer draw breath.” I knelt before her, “Whatever story there is behind this, I do not need to know, though it may benefit your safety I will not demand that you divulge it, for I trust in earth and sky to steer me.”

She looked at me quite puzzled, then stepped forward and put her hand on my shoulder. “I don’t think I could keep you from doing this if I tried. I just hope you can keep up with me tough guy, I don’t idle anywhere too long.” As she finished saying this, her stomach growled a bit, “Oh,” she said, “Looks like I forgot to grab a bite at that tavern, perhaps we should seek out some food, hmm?” She started off for some place in town, and I quickly got up and hurried after. What adventures, and what dangerous await me, I know not. The one thing I do know is that, I do not plan to fail, no matter how long I must do this, I must not fail.


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